A new center devoted entirely to the well-being of men has just opened in Geneva.

Located on the Rue du Cendrier, the Masculin Center in Geneva provides a wide range of aesthetic and therapeutic treatments, which have been carefully tailored to the needs of men.

The new center builds on the success of its sister company in Lausanne, which has been offering treatments to men of all ages since 2001.

Owners, Claudio Bocchia and Yeni Barbosa, told knowitall.ch, “Body care treatments are no longer the preserve of women. Nowadays, men appreciate, just as much as women, the importance of looking after their appearance, and taking time out for themselves when the stresses of everyday life become too much.”

They added, “Our clientèle is varied. Whether they are business professionals, bankers, athletes or sales personnel, they all recognize the benefits of having a healthy-looking body and see no harm in entrusting it to the care of professionals who know what they are doing!”

Both the center in Lausanne and the new one in Geneva offer treatments by qualified personnel, each trained in their own profession. These include:

  • Facials: cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, serums and elixirs
  • Body care
  • Massages: relaxing massages, essential oil messages, sports or therapeutic massages, and massages to relieve muscle tension
  • Waxing
  • Feet and hand care including manicures and pedicures

One client, who has been visiting the Masculin Center in Lausanne for several months, remarked, “I appreciate the cordiality of the staff and the relaxing atmosphere of the center that has spacious and comfortable premises.  But what I appreciate most are the skills of the staff and the way they do the treatments.  I can say they know about therapy, do real massage, and do not only “apply cream on your face” as in many other centers. Finally, I like the products they use. I think they are bio and non-oil based and, for me, mostly do not leave a greasy feeling on my skin when I put my shirt back on.”

To encourage new clients to try out their center, the Masculin Center in Geneva is offering knowitall.ch readers an exclusive 50% discount on certain facial and massage treatments booked before 31 May 2014 (valid for new customers and one use only).  This offer applies to their face care treatment (paying Fr. 65.- instead of Fr. 130.-) and their relaxing or sport massages (Fr. 60.- instead of Fr. 120.-).

To claim your discount, just quote this article when making your booking. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers that the center is running on their website. Typically these include “last minute” deals for new customers, or existing customers wishing to try out a new treatment, and can include anything from 50% discounts on facials, through to reductions on their Bio range of products. For long-term customers, there are also fidelity cards offering your 10th treatment free.

Masculin Center Geneva
Rue du Cendrier 12 – 1er étage
1201 Genève
022 552 03 04

Masculin Center Lausanne
Rue Enning 1 – 1er étage
1003 Lausanne
021 351 01 01